Broken Record

I sound like a broken record. I’m tired, I don’t feel good and just trying to make it until the end of February. Insurance is hard, Group Health is hard and trying to explain to people ( mostly men) that you just can’t walk up and say take out my baby maker  is hard.

Waiting isn’t fun for anyone. I can see the frustration in your eyes when you ask me every single morning how I’m doing. How do you think I feel?


I feel as if I can’t answer people’s questions truthfully any longer. Sometimes my body will betray me and tell the truth outwardly. Today is one of those days
It is so so hard at work. I spend everyday with these people, they have watched the life slowly be sucked out, come back and sucked out again. They just want the best for me, three months of no changes is just annoying now. We work in Animal Medicine; I think sometimes we forget human medicine doesn’t work the same. If only I could be hooked up to fluids all day at work. It would save everyone time and money. Sadly I must wait.

We had a patient with severe anemia the other day, the dr was going over symptoms with a client. Labored breathing, weak, lethargic I wanted to scream yes- this is why I have to have you carry boxes and such for me- we are the same!!!!!


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